Dominion Institute is a Christian non-profit organization founded to promote Biblical reformation through the educational ministry of Dr. Phillip Kayser. Our goal is to see individuals, families, churches, and cultures living by "every word that comes from the mouth of God" (Mt. 4:4). To fulfill this mission, we train missionaries, mentor pastors, encourage the underground church, translate theological resources, promote Biblical conferences, and support other ministries.

Phillip Kayser is an author, pastor, counselor, and Biblical scholar. He has written books on a wide variety of topics, including The Canon of Scripture: A Presuppositional Study, Conception Control: Avoiding Antinomianism and Legalism, and Biblical Romance: What Does the Bible Say About Finding a Spouse?

As Senior Pastor of Dominion Covenant Church, his preaching focuses on careful exegesis and practical application. He is the CEO of Biblical Blueprints and serves on the board of the Pickering Foundation of Biblical Preservation, an evangelical think-tank dedicated to preserving the text of scripture. In the last thirty years he has planted five churches, ministered extensively in international missions, and spoken at more than fifty conferences.

His work (including links to his sermons, papers, and books) can be found at

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